January 2001
Blockbuster award nomination
Blockbuster Entertainment Awards 2001 If you want to cast your vote for Patrick to receive the award for Favourite Actor - Science Fiction, for his role in X-Men in the annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, then go to www.blockbusterawards.com

These are the World's largest publicly voted awards for movies, music and games. The winners will be announced on April 11th and Fox TV will be broadcasting the event.

Thanks to Sue & Karen

BBC premiere 'First Contact', plus I,Claudius on UK Drama
Star Trek : First Contact February's UK TV schedules are looking up....Star Trek : First Contact receives it's terrestrial premiere on BBC1 on Thursday 8th Feb. @ 8.05 pm.

If you're lucky enough to receive the UK Drama channel via satellite, then this Thursday 1st February @ 9 pm sees the start of a long overdue re-run of the classic 1976 I, Claudius mini-series.

This is a truly epic 12 part BBC series based on Robert Graves novel and set during the reigns of Roman emperors, Augustus, Tiberius, Calligula and Claudius. It boasts a superb cast including Derek Jacobi, Sian Phillips, Brian Blessed, George Baker, John Hurt and Stewart.
If you thought corruption and dirty dealings amidst the corridors of government were a modern invention, think again!

On the down side, there's still no sign of the BBC broadcasting the 'Best of British' documentary about Patrick.....what are the schedulers up to?

Stewart back on stage in England this Summer?
  Can we dare to hope that Patrick will indeed be making a long awaited return to the English stage this year?

In the Yahoo chat on Wed 18 Oct. 2000  with Patrick and Amnesty International's Exec Dir. William F Shulz, one of the questioners asked what new projects he would be appearing in - to which Stewart replied: "I'm planning work for 2001, which will include a TV film for TNT, which my company is co-producing with Hallmark Entertainment, called Boss Lear. Set in the American West in Texas in 1841. It will not be Shakespeare's language. I hope to be doing a major revival of a great 20th century British play in England in the summer. It'll be the first time I've worked on stage (other than A Christmas Carol) in England in 15 years."

Then in a December thisislondon.co.uk  article about Jude Kelly - the artistic Director of West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds -  the following snippet appeared '....And she has enticed Patrick Stewart to Leeds for a forthcoming production of JB Priestley's Johnston over Jordan'

Of course this may all be wishful thinking, but lets hope things do come to fruition - it's been far too long since English theatre audiences could experience Stewart's marvellous stagecraft. 

Shakespeare at the Grammys!
43rd Grammy Awards The 43rd Annual Grammy Awards take place on February 21st this year and amongst the nominees for Best Spoken Word Album is The Complete Shakespeare Sonnets featuring leading theatrical artists from the UK and US including Kathleen Turner, Patrick Stewart, and Al Pacino. You can order the Audio cassette or CD direct from Airplay Audio Books

This isn't the first time Patrick's name has appeared at the Grammys; he narrated the 1995 winning Best Spoken Word Album for Children - Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf  (conductor Kent Nagano and Orchestra De L'Opera De Lyon).

Thanks to numerous fans for spotting this